Monday, April 1, 2013

"Oblivion" - Bastille (Manila Killa Remix) and "Angels" - The Xx (Manilla Killa Remix)

I've shared this guy before.  It seems like with every piece he puts out, he just gets better and better.  For  those not familiar with Bastille, stylized B∆STILLE, check them out, their one the bands of the year, with their first original material album having come out in early 2013, to paraphrase Walter Sobchak, they're not exactly bleepin lightweights.
Manila Killa though, based out DC at the moment, is just a university student like the rest of us, but damn, can he mix.  He's definitely worth following on SoundCloud, he does not disappoint!

Oh and on this glorious first day of April, with sun shining, and everything on the up & up, here's a twofer, a double header if you will.  Manilla Killa's just on a roll.
And again, Enjoy!

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