Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"You & I" - Crystal Fighters

A wonderfully bouncy tune.  Summoning summer and spring from where ever they had been hiding.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Closure" - Owl Eyes (Giraffage Remix)

Oh my.  The sonic goodness.  Giraffage.  From the beats, to the samples, to the snares, just so near perfection (absolutes are a no-no in my book).  Ranging from wonderfully downtempo, to perfectly glitchy 'chorus' sections.  Just a joy to listen to.  One of those tracks that just transports you.

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Rolling Stone" - The Weeknd (Truth Remix)

Heard this for the first time just today, and I'm hooked.  Wonderfully mesmerizing.  The rising and sinking sensations... Makes me feel like I'm floating just beneath the surface of an perfectly calm, perfectly clear lake.

"Sleeping Ute" - Grizzly Bear (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

After a hiatus, Nicolas Jaar is back.  Check out this amazing track.  It's an experience.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Trying To Be Cool" - Phoenix

Just take a step back and listen..  Phoenix are really masters of the pop craft.  Mars' voice is just so perfect for the symphony of synths and sounds that Phoenix just love to use.

"Farther" - Vacationer

Vacationer, perfect for relaxation.  Check out their new video.  It's really just majestically beautiful.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bankrupt! - Phoenix

Phoenix' next album, BANKRUPT!, which I have been waiting for for longer than I should have is out officially in 1 week.  It's expected out on the 23rd according to iTunes.  Mark your calendars.

"More Than You Know" - Flume

I don't like making grandiose statements all that much... Oh who am I kidding, who doesn't?  However, genius is a word I'm careful to ascribe.  That said, Flume, and everything this Australian producer has been involved with (that I am familiar with; it's best to avoid absolutes) has touches of brilliance.  More than touches really, gobs.
Here is his new video for "More Than You Know,"off of Flume, his eponymous debut.
The video is artful and tastefully crafted, almost as much as the music.

Damn.. Australia is blossoming with artists and producers and all sorts of creative brilliance at the moment.

"Hold When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It" - Stars (Com Truise Remix)

Stars were one of my favorite bands for a while.  And then "The North" hit and it was awesome.  And they toured.  And I missed it.  I was sad.
Here is a great remix of one of the tracks off "The North,"one of its lead singles in fact, by Com Truise. What this remix succeeds in doing is preserving the original vibe of the song, while giving it a whole new flavor.  Com Truise knows his stuff apparently.  I'll have to give him a listen.  If you like the remix, maybe you should too.

"Safe and Sound" - Capital Cities (RAC Remix)

Capital Cities have been essential to any feel good mix or warm day sounds for me since I stumbled onto them at some point last year.  Now though, remix maestros RAC, primarily AndrĂ© Anjos, have found them and done what they do best: modify the beauty of a track and create a new track that holds its own as a work of art.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Track 2" and "Track 3" - Jai Paul

Well hey there.  It's been a while.  Let's just say I've been on sabbatical, taking care of my living arrangements for the future and what not.  That said, music has been moving forward without us being able to update you.  Obviously, the biggest news is always surrounding Daft Punk, who, by now, have convinced me that they are the masters of manipulating the public.  They know when to give us a bit, when to withhold.  It's almost abusive, but we love it.
However, coming back from two weeks of leave, what I'm most excited about is Jai Paul.  You might remember him from "BTSTU" or "Jasmine,"which were both excellent.  If not, you are about to get (re-)acquainted with him.

Here are two tracks off his debut.  Enjoy! I know you will.

UPDATE!! These are not official releases!  Supposedly put up from Jai Paul's stolen laptop.  These tracks, along with the entire album, are un finished and unmastered, which means they will only get better!

Monday, April 1, 2013

"Oblivion" - Bastille (Manila Killa Remix) and "Angels" - The Xx (Manilla Killa Remix)

I've shared this guy before.  It seems like with every piece he puts out, he just gets better and better.  For  those not familiar with Bastille, stylized B∆STILLE, check them out, their one the bands of the year, with their first original material album having come out in early 2013, to paraphrase Walter Sobchak, they're not exactly bleepin lightweights.
Manila Killa though, based out DC at the moment, is just a university student like the rest of us, but damn, can he mix.  He's definitely worth following on SoundCloud, he does not disappoint!

Oh and on this glorious first day of April, with sun shining, and everything on the up & up, here's a twofer, a double header if you will.  Manilla Killa's just on a roll.
And again, Enjoy!